Known Issues

  • [minikube-3378]: Volume mount causes minikube VM to become corrupted

Common Errors

Node plugin pod does not start with RunContainerError status

kubectl describe pod your-nodeplugin-pod shows:

failed to start container "your-driver": Error response from daemon:
linux mounts: Path /var/lib/kubelet/pods is mounted on / but it is not a shared mount

Your Docker host is not configured to allow shared mounts. Take a look at this page for instructions to enable them.

External attacher can't find VolumeAttachments

If you have a Kubernetes 1.9 cluster, not being able to list VolumeAttachment and the following error are due to the lack of the runtime configuration:

$ kubectl logs csi-pod external-attacher
I0306 16:34:50.976069       1 reflector.go:240] Listing and watching *v1alpha1.VolumeAttachment from

E0306 16:34:50.992034       1 reflector.go:205] Failed to list *v1alpha1.VolumeAttachment: the server could not find the requested resource

Problems with the external components

The external components images are under active development. It can happen that they become incompatible with each other. If the issues above have been ruled out, contact the sig-storage team and/or run the e2e test:

go run hack/e2e.go -- --provider=local --test --test_args="--ginkgo.focus=Feature:CSI"