CSI node-driver-registrar

Status and Releases

Git Repository: https://github.com/kubernetes-csi/node-driver-registrar

Status: GA/Stable

Latest stable releaseBranchMin CSI VersionMax CSI VersionContainer ImageMin K8s VersionMax K8s VersionRecommended K8s Version
node-driver-registrar v2.1.0release-2.1v1.0.0-k8s.gcr.io/sig-storage/csi-node-driver-registrar:v2.1.0v1.13-
node-driver-registrar v1.2.0release-1.2v1.0.0-quay.io/k8scsi/csi-node-driver-registrar:v1.2.0v1.13-
driver-registrar v0.4.2release-0.4v0.3.0v0.3.0quay.io/k8scsi/driver-registrar:v0.4.2v1.10v1.16


The CSI node-driver-registrar is a sidecar container that fetches driver information (using NodeGetInfo) from a CSI endpoint and registers it with the kubelet on that node using the kubelet plugin registration mechanism.


Kubelet directly issues CSI NodeGetInfo, NodeStageVolume, and NodePublishVolume calls against CSI drivers. It uses the kubelet plugin registration mechanism to discover the unix domain socket to talk to the CSI driver. Therefore, all CSI drivers should use this sidecar container to register themselves with kubelet.

For detailed information (binary parameters, etc.), see the README of the relevant branch.


The CSI node-driver-registrar is deployed per node. See deployment section for more details.