CSI cluster-driver-registrar


This sidecar container was not updated since Kubernetes 1.13. As of Kubernetes 1.16, this side car container is officially deprecated.

The purpose of this side car container was to automatically register a CSIDriver object containing information about the driver with Kubernetes. Without this side car, developers and CSI driver vendors will now have to add a CSIDriver object in their installation manifest or any tool that installs their CSI driver.

Please see CSIDriver for more information.

Status and Releases

Git Repository: https://github.com/kubernetes-csi/cluster-driver-registrar

Status: Alpha

Latest stable releaseBranchCompatible with CSI VersionContainer ImageMin k8s VersionMax k8s version
cluster-driver-registrar v1.0.1release-1.0v1.0.0quay.io/k8scsi/csi-cluster-driver-registrar:v1.0.1v1.13-
driver-registrar v0.4.2release-0.4v0.3.0quay.io/k8scsi/driver-registrar:v0.4.2v1.10-


The CSI cluster-driver-registrar is a sidecar container that registers a CSI Driver with a Kubernetes cluster by creating a CSIDriver Object which enables the driver to customize how Kubernetes interacts with it.


CSI drivers that use one of the following Kubernetes features should use this sidecar container:

  • Skip Attach
    • For drivers that don't support ControllerPublishVolume, this indicates to Kubernetes to skip the attach operation and eliminates the need to deploy the external-attacher sidecar.
  • Pod Info on Mount
    • This causes Kubernetes to pass metadata such as Pod name and namespace to the NodePublishVolume call.

If you are not using one of these features, this sidecar container (and the creation of the CSIDriver Object) is not required. However, it is still recommended, because the CSIDriver Object makes it easier for users to easily discover the CSI drivers installed on their clusters.

For detailed information (binary parameters, etc.), see the README of the relevant branch.


The CSI cluster-driver-registrar is deployed as a controller. See deployment section for more details.