Raw Block Volume Feature

This page is still under active development.

Status: Alpha

This page documents how to implement raw block volume support to a CSI Driver.

A block volume is a volume that will appear as a block device inside the container. A mounted (file) volume is volume that will be mounted using a specified file system and appear as a directory inside the container.

The CSI spec supports both block and mounted (file) volumes.

While Kubernetes support of mounted (file) volumes is GA/stable, support for block volume in Kubernetes was introduced in v1.9, and promoted to beta in Kubernetes 1.13.

The Kubernetes CSI tooling support for block volumes is still alpha.


Because this feature is still alpha it is disabled by default in Kubernetes. You must enable the feature on Kubernetes:


Implementing Raw Block Volume Support

  • TODO: detail how to expose raw block volume support in CSI Driver.
  • TODO: explain how raw block differs from mounted (file)
  • TODO: answer: can a CSI driver choose to implement only raw block and not mounted (file)?
  • TODO: detail the level of raw block volume functionality the CSI Sidecar containers currently provide.
  • TODO: detail how Kubernetes API raw block fields get mapped to CSI methods/fields.